Fighting the Gods in Kent

We had great plans to do a 50 mile ride today, however the gods were against us. Kajtas was struck down by the god of fragile bones with a suspected broken wrist whilst Paul was cursed by the god of faulty brakes so we had another coffee and croissant.

No brakes
One of us is obviously a little less enthusiastic! 😂

Rob was to drop Kajtas at home and then follow the instructions to bring the kids to the first meeting point at the golf course. Meanwhile, we all set off at a good pace with a 30 min eta.

Unfortunately, we lost Sushil along the way as he, believing we must have turned off, turned around and went back in search of us. The golden rule when cycling as a group is always keep straight – someone will always wait to mark a turnoff.

We put down Sushil’s slowness to the fact that he was new to cycling although I had thought his bike was making a very strange sound. I thought it was his gears but Paul spotted the problem – the god of dodgy bike stands and struck and his pedal was hitting the bike stand each time and so it was like cycling with the brakes on. Fixing this made a massive difference and he was flying around with us again – at least downhill! 😂

Luckily we all found each other and set off again upto the golf course car park. Initially we stood over our bikes still clipped in, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the kids so we could continue. Then we got off and leaned, finally succumbing to sitting on the kerbside.

An hour went by and there was still no sign of Rob. Finally, we managed to get in touch only to discover he had missed the kids drop off point and had gone straight to the coffee shop and play area at Eynsford .

We all jumped back on the bikes and cycled hell for leather to the second meet up point. Hurtling down a hill, a white van in the opposite direction decided to overtake a bike on a blind corner. V narrowly squeezed through. I shut my eyes and breathed in! Paul, however, was spitting mad and decided to let the van driver know! We were ready for fisticuffs but the coward drove off to terrorise someone else I’ve no doubt.

Eynsford is a beautiful little village next to a stream and ford. The kids were having great fun playing in the water and eating icecreams. The coffee shop provided refreshment for all us cyclists and then we headed for home.

Sushil considered getting a lift back with Rob but decided to bite the bullet continue battling the hills in what was to be his longest ride yet.

Longest ride yet!

We kept a steady pace up and just 200m from home the god of sharp brakes chose a lady in a white car. Screaming like a loon with my eyes out on stalks I managed to swerve to the kerb at the last minute. The lady was very apologetic bless.

A well deserved g&t, beers for the boys and snacks waited for us at Vagner’s. We didn’t quite manage the 50 miles but it was a fun day. Thanks to everyone for coming and to Vagner for hosting.

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