Richmond Park

Team guide for the day

It was an early start at Gunnersbury Park. The sun was beaming with delight as were we for it had been nearly three months since we had seen our second family.

Delighted to be part of the pro team

Agron and Faton had created a 35k scenic route taking in some of the most stunning sights including Hampton Court, Richmond Park, Bushy Park and Kew.

View over Richmond Park

Of course, as all know, the really good rides start with a hill climb and our lung busting climb up Richmond was well worth it for the views at the top were amazing.

Pit stop at the top of Richmond Hill

A short pit stop and refuel and then it was a fast downhill to Kingston Upon Thames. The team tried to continue the fast pace but their efforts were thwarted by the corona virus Great South Western empty train on the rail crossing. On the plus side Faton found some sunglasses! Definitely Karma as he had just given his to Agron.

Taking a break

The aches, pains and groans started to surface but Agron kept us on our toes as he darted on and off the ‘cycle footpaths’.

A bus didn’t appreciate his deft manoeuvres and failing to get any of the lads as they hopped on and off kerbs, it made a beeline for me! I tried to quickly follow suite but for me it was a case of unclip, get off, lift the bike up the high kerb and smile sweetly at the angry bus driver! Just wait till the lads get clip ins!

Crossing back over the Thames, we stopped at the gates of Hampton Court. The guard was a little perplexed as Agron told him we had a private tour booked! As we all cycled off laughing like hooligans we left the bewildered guard trying to work out what was going on.

We finished with a speedy loop back around to Richmond Riverside for coffee on the river bank.

Thanks to Faton and Agron for arranging such a great day out. Great to see so many happy, smiley faces.

Looking forward to our next meetup!

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