Run in the Dark 2019

I flicked through the pages in front of me and counted 45 …

That was 45 wines to sample before participating in the Run in the Dark 2019.

With the best will in the world it is impossible not to drink the nice wines so the spittoon remained empty.

We are normally lucky with the weather but this year it was very cold, damp and threatened to rain.

Heather from the accounts team had joined us as she starts to clock up the miles before her half marathon in March.

Everyone was quite bouncy at the start but it was a tough run this year.

For me, the wine was sloshing around my empty stomach and whilst my head wanted to do a 10k my body was most definitely about to strike! I snuck off at the 5k point with a shamefully slow time. I totally blame the wine!

Poised at the side of the track I held clasped my iPhone camera with an icy hand and trained it on every runner waiting to capture Heather and Natalie as they passed.

Heather has to jump out at me before i saw her .. even though she was just two foot in front of me. I did get a great photo of her from behind? I totally blame the wine.

However, neither the wine nor the cold can be blamed for Natalie’s photo! Nope – she only had herself to blame for running so fast.

She did an amazing 58 mins although she tells me that 10kg ago she did 53 mins so that is her target to beat next year.

It did rain and it was cold but what an amazing effort from the team yet again.

We are all looking forward to the next challenge.

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