Mud Kids Dorking Autumn 2018

We arrived a little early to the boys delight and despite my pleas to keep dry at least until the event started, they all leapt into the stream, taking the bike with them?

A shrill whistle from the Robster signalled pre-start preparations were about to get underway so the boys (and Tia) came running. We quickly threw a ‘mud mad monster’ t-shirt on each of them and fed them with sugary sweets before sending them to the start line.

The line up looked fantastic with each of them adopting a racing start and their name emblazoned in bright yellow across their backs. In truth this was more for my benefit so I could keep track of all my charges … and amongst 300 or so other kids this was no mean feat.

As the doting parents casually filmed the line up, the start master fired the gun and they were off at full speed. Even 4 year old Francesco legged it up the course leaving the aforementioned doting parents scrambling to put phones away and chase off after them.

The first obstacle was the stream which the boys and Tia ran through without hesitation. But then the mud pit appeared and the boys and Tia , having no doubt been told their whole lives to keep clean, carefully tip toed around the edge with trepidation!

Hrmmm – it’s not a mud run until you are well and truly muddy! So I sat in the mud and pretended to be stuck. As my rescuers approached one by one I threw a fistful of gloopy mud at them … and so the mud fight started …. as did the Mud Kids 2018 race!

Max lost his shoe and turned to the marshal for help although seeing she was also stuck he gave up on it and ran off. How could I possible return children wet, covered in mud and without shoes? Parents would never let me have them again? So I set about digging in the mud to find the shoe.

Bingo, one muddy shoe found and handed to rob for safe keeping! Newbie Mud Runner Wedson was not to escape the baptism of fire and received a big squelchy mud hug from me whislt Francesco and Nodge rolled around in glee.

Helen and Tia branded themselves with tribal mud marks and then headed for the big yellow slide.

The boys all gathered at the top deciding which was the best way to tackle it. Joss chose to launch himself down head first, followed swiftly by Max and Will. The rest of the team decided that it would be best to have several goes choosing which was the best method.

As the official photographer was at the bottom of the slide I decided it was a great photo opportunity. So I began trying to gather the team together. To say it was like herding cats was an understatement as they kept running off for one more go on the slide. That is all except for Will and Max, who had legged it in the hope of ‘winning’!

We finally got the team together and apart from a last minute escape attempt from Francesco, the moment was captured!

We all scrambled under cargo nets using the bum up and head down technique which amused the boys no end!

Then it was over the five bar gate. Luca, Nodge and Joss decides to pose for a photo although by now my camera was smeared with mud. I took the test shot and was about to give photo face direction when the boys shot off! I tried giving Helen and Tia photo face direction but to no avail!

The next obstacle was a mega mud pit. The pile of shoes by the side was an ominous sign of what was to come. To the sound of raucous laughter and some guffawing from Wedson – I showed the boys how to crawl across the mud so they didn’t sink and get stuck. ‘But it’s too late’ said Luca who was now upto his waist and well and truly stuck. I had to giggle at the thought of Luca telling his mum that he was more of an ‘indoors boy’. If she could only see him now!

Francesco, being only four, was a little hesitant about the deep mud, so Wedson provided the perfect opportunity for me to take some embarrassing blackmail photos as he ‘slithered like a snake’ across the top of the mud.

Helen on the other hand chose to take a little snooze with Tia!

Thankfully, the next obstacle was the stream and a water fight meant we could all wash off the mud.

Now it was just a sprint to the finish where Rob and Viola were waiting to catch the boys … and yes … Max and Will did come first.

After proudly receiving their medals Rob asked the boys to change out of their wet clothes whilst he waited to catch the next team members.

As it so happened we all arrived together and decided to get a photo. Again, it was nigh on impossible trying to round everyone up and no amount of whistling brought all the boys together this time.

Happy, muddy and wet we all went to get changed and found Max and Will huddled together under a pile of towels still in their wet clothes! So operation ‘hold towel screens and strip the team’ commenced. I think we managed to strip and redress all seven in warm clothes in under 3 mins … whilst I turned an attractive shade of mottled mud blue!

But the fun wasn’t over yet … after all that running it was fine for a feast and we knew just the place. A fantastic little pub with stream and kids play area.

The boys managed to get soaking wet for a second time whilst trying to capture their lunch – a fresh water langoustine. The chef was unfortunately unable to cook it but the boys and Tia enjoyed showing it to all the customers.

Which brings me to my favourite quote of the day from Max … ‘could we have a pound for the machine please? We all tried breaking in but it wouldn’t work so we have to pay’!!!!

There was no pound but they all got a stern lecture from me! 😂

Everyone has a great day, ran their socks off (literally), ate well and returned home happy and exhausted. Can’t wait to do it all again!

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