Fugitive 1.5k Swim Marlow

After a blistering month of sunshine the day of the race arrived and wouldn’t you know it … it was raining!

‘We’re going to get wet anyway’ I told Rob cheerfully as he gloomily looked out the window. He studied my face to see if there was any doubt, but seeing my beaming grin he realised any attempt to persuade me to forfeit the entry would be futile.

We arrived at Higginson Park in Marlow where it wasn’t just the swim but a whole host of events including an Iron Man and various triathlons. My swim coach, Victoria is part of the Evo Tri Club and has been telling me all about it and I must admit I am very tempted to give it a go. I really just need to learn to swim first.

We registered and then waited for Rob to find all his kit which involved several return trips to the car. As we walked excitedly to the start, Rob showed me the blue time chip saying minus strap – as he flicked it in his fingers with a puzzled look on his face he said ‘I’m not sure this is right – where do you put it’

The Robster was just about to tell him where to put it so I quickly explained that he must have left the strap in the car and sent him back again to search for it.

I carefully made my way to the back of the queue knowing I was going to come last whilst Rob made his way to the front hoping to come first.

And I think he actually might have come first but that’s only because he wasn’t sure how many of the four laps he actually completed.

Having only had one lesson, I wasn’t quite brave enough to try my front crawl. Drowning infront of thousands of people wasn’t really how I wanted to debut my race swim skills!

The river was incredibly warm despite the chill in the air. With anticipation, everyone assumed a flat floating water treading position waiting as the count down began … 3 ……. 2 ….. whoooooaaaaaaa!!!!

Two late comers ran to the side with wet suits flapping and jumped in to an uproar of good humoured laughter!

And …. Go! shouted the marshal

The water boiled in a turmoil of thrashing arms and legs! I got caught up in the moment and started swimming my heart out … only to find 300m later that I couldn’t breath and had developed jelly limbs!

I slowed down and had a little look around! The Robster had found a lady with an umbrella to chat to and as I watched them giggling away I could hear a group of ladies swimming behind me chattering about how to cook the Sunday roast! These races really are about just getting in and giving it a go although it might be an idea next year to have a ‘fun race’ to attract more of the newbies.

I really wished I could do front crawl as everyone passed me by making it look so easy. With the end in sight I stretched out with strong arms and legs. Rob pulled along side with a cheery face telling me it was his last lap. Errrr … I don’t think so but then I’m not the best at counting as my PT will tell you.

Rob was standing cheering and waving and chatting to anyone and everyone when suddenly he spun on his heels and shot off!

Ah yes … the time chip mat was located under the inflatable finish some 150m away! Still – that little run I’m sure made everyone think they could possibly enter the triathlons next year!

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Special Thanks

Thanks to F3 Events team for a great day. The marshals and general organisation was excellent.

Having Costa Coffee at the event was an act of genius and made everyone’s day!

Thanks to Dorney Court Kitchen Garden for the amazing Belgian Bun (boob) which I feel I well and truly deserved after the race!


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