The Big Push Nov 2017

Back to the Trenches Mud Run Junior

As I stood on the sidelines taking photos I couldn’t help but giggle! The kids were all warming up with such gusto!

‘We’re only giggling because we don’t have to face the cold water’ said another mum who was standing next to me.

Her daughter, Samantha, was running with Dad to it transpired and Samantha was only 7 years old!

My son, Nodge was running with the Robster and nodge is only 6 and then we had the rest of the troops – Joss, Marina and Thea all running with Dad Jon!

The weather was wonderful with warm sunny rays shining down on us all which in turn made the kids super giggly and sun drunk.

As the whistle blew they all leapt out of the trench and combat crawled under the wires and disappeared through the red smoke!

As a spectator, for once, I had time for a quick coffee … whilst the kids waded through mud pits, scrambled up first tracks climbing over and under fallen logs before making their way back to the top field to tackle the tractor tyres.

Then … de de duuuuuu … it was time for cow pat pit slide! This is the part all the kids love … even the big ones who couldn’t resist showing off! The Robster, who is suffering with a gamey knee did a front roll down the slide and Thea did a twist flip at the bottom!

Soaking wet, smelling of cow poo and grinning like idiots, one by one they hauled themselves out and ran off down the hill to hurl themselves at the next obstacle!

I made my way to the best seat in the house – next to the ice cold pond. To my delight, the first person into the lake … and by my account the winner of the kids race (if we do that) was Samantha! Bless her cotton socks – there she was with Dad swimming in the bitter cold but still smiling! Amazing!

Next came Thea, who jumped in an made it look easy. She tauntingly shouted to her dad ‘it’s warm … hurry up’! Hahaha Brilliant!

Marina was a little reluctant as the water was very cold and I’ll let you into a secret .. she has williams syndrome. As she got into the cold water, tears started to stream down her face. Her dad, by her side, was quietly encouraging her and keeping her safe at the same time.

My heart was in my mouth … and hers was hidden behind her zipper for she is part of that very special and exclusive club.

I thought the cold was going to be too much and that she was going to turn back … but she mustered all her courage and in one tremendous display of determination and bravery she swam across the pond! I was screaming with delight! I couldn’t have been more proud of my amazing friend. She is a beautiful and talented example to all of us! Well done gorgeous! x

Robster and Joss followed closely behind. Joss was obviously practising his Christmas rendition of the Hokey Cokey with ‘one foot in, one foot out, in out in our, shake it all about’ until he finally took the plunge into the icy cold pond. They proceed to cross together, Joss having a strangle hold of Rob which couldn’t be pried loose for love nor money!

Then it was under the cargo nets, over the straw bales and a smiley sprint to the finish!

What an excellent day! The kids, both bigs and small all had a fantastic day! Wet, muddy, tired and very happy we all went home for a fabulous roast dinner and snooze in front of a warm log fire with Spartacus playing in the background! A perfect Sunday!

As usual, many thanks to the marshalls and everyone who organised the mud run! It really is one of the best courses!

See you in the spring!


And the photo fails ….

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