Trick or Treat

2017 Halloween Trick or Treat Run

Southwark Park, Bermondsey

Who on earth let all those spooky ghouls and spectres loose in Southwark Park today?

There were witches, mummies, zombies, black cats, skeletons, devils … it would appear that hell had been unleashed … along with masses of fake blood! 😂

It was a little bit scary lining up at the start and with so much evil nipping at our heels we were all ready to take off like bullets when the siren sounded.

Its a long way for little mummy or zombie princess legs but everyone did fantastically well making it through the Haunted Graveyard and Skelton Closet. Rob distracted one particularly scary ghost with a dance! Fortunately, Liana dragged him away before she put a ring on his finger and turning him into the living dead for ever.

Safely around the course our ghoulish fiends chose trick or treat and were given a fantastic glow in the dark medal!

all the running we were exhausted … so we all jumped on the tube to Piccadilly Circus to Angus Steakhouse for a fitting lunch of bones (aka famous steakhouse BBQ Ribs).

What a great event. The course was well laid out with terrifying marshalls to scare everyone along. Big thanks to all the marshalls, warm up team and organisers.

Toilets were available as was a bag drop. Fantastic event and let’s not forget it was all in aid of Breast Cancer Care.

Can’t wait for next year! We are ready to sign up now.

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