10k Winter Run

It may only have been and 7.00am but the tubes and trains were already packed full of people carrying their token of unity – a blue plastic cancer research bag packed full of everything they could possible need for the run … and indeed a weekend away by the looks of it.

Angus Steakhouse at Piccadilly Circus was the agreed meeting point for our small team. In the past I thought you simply turned up, tied your hair back and ran 10k but over the last two years I have learnt this is absolutely not the case!

So today … I arrived having showered and wearing not only super strong invisible deodorant but also ‘Lovely’ body lotion and perfume. My hair was stylishly balanced on top of my head and I was wearing a flawless face foundation, a hint of eye liner, some volumising mascara and pearl lip balm! As I looked at my coiffured reflection in the mirror I smiled to myself thinking this year I have definitely nailed it…. 

….. That was until Regimante and Svetlana arrived both looking drop dead gorgeous, fluttering their incredibly long eye lashes as they breezed in, casually modelling their stylish run gear. Julia threw back her pink hair and tied it up in defiance!

Once ready we made our way down Haymarket to join the crowds and I took the opportunity to quiz Regi!

 ‘So – is it water proof makeup?’ 

‘No – it’s just normal’

‘So doesn’t it run all down your face and give you panda eyes’


Hrmmm I thought – let’s just see by the end of the run! 

The 10k was in aid of Cancer Research and the atmosphere was electric! The snow was blowing over the crowds and the dj’s were warming up the runners so what do our girls do …they find a random snowman and mercilessly take selfies with him.

The excitement was too much for some and runners were in serious danger of becoming injured as Julia threw her arms out in a hello world stretch, closely missing punching someone in the face. We knew something had to be done.  So Julia arms were wrapped by her side in a plastic bag makeing her ‘armless. 

As the girls stretched and flexed, the boys looked on admiring the crowd. Vance tells me his motivation is to find a beautiful backside of a faster female to follow. I pride myself in the knowledge that my backside motivates people to run faster … past me …. so they don’t have to watch my voluptuous wobble bum sway! 

The course was amazing – past all the main sights in London – St Paul’s, The Shard, Downing Street, Trafalgur Square to name but a few. And a massive thank you goes out to all the volunteers and supporters along the way. You have no idea what a lift you get hearing people cheering you on united in a common cause.

The course had changed this year though and the strand marked the 9k mark this year – which the finish line had to be closer? My heart skipped and my tired legs found some hidden reserve (or was it because the strand is downhill?). As I turned down Whitehall I could see the finish line and whilst my head was sure I was sprinting to the finish I think in reality I was barely just jogging! 

I still managed to compelete the course in under an hour – which is an achievement for me. With my medal proudly around my neck I headed back to the restaurant to meet up with everyone else.

And the make up verdict? Well – I was a state! Panda eyes, red blowy face and hair just a wet hot mess! 

The girls on the other hand looked amazing – not a hair out of place. And you may well say they couldn’t have put any effort in to remain looking so amazing … but let me tell you they did way under an hour and certainly put me to shame!

Well done team! Fantastic day and great effort! I am looking forward to the London 10,000 in May.  Also, a big thank you to Angus Steakhouse for the fab full English  breakfast! 

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