Run in the Dark 2017

Have you ever tried drinking water whilst running? Not easy … but add the complication of trying to pour it so your lips don’t touch the bottle and you have a disaster! 

Yep – that was me on tonight’s Run in the Dark 10k at Battersea Park. I had a great run but was a little thirsty at around the 7k mark. Amongst the smug finishers walking back from the 5k was one kindly soul who passed a bottle of water to the guy infront. He took a swig and then turned to offer it to me. 

I was so grateful but not quite parched enough to share germs … so I tried pouring it into my mouth whilst running – and consequently poured it down myself so I’m now looked like an entry into a wet T-shirt competition! That serves me right!  

It was a great run – lovely and warm and without rain and I felt I managed a good pace – though still no where near Vance’s! I really don’t know how he does it with no training at all! 

The only negative point I had was that the bag drop returned my fleece soaking wet. It must have been placed in a puddle on the floor.

Other than that – a great event! We will be signing up again for next year!

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