Trick or Treat 

Ghouls, ghosts, mummies, zombies … the Trick or Treat Halloween Run in Richmond Park had them all!

We were entered into the 2k run with kids which started at 10.50 at Robin Hood Gate.

Everyone had made a fantastic effort … especially the grim reaper, although frightening passing runners sent him into fits of laughter each time!

The warm up started and we all jogged and jiggled on the spot not really knowing what we should be doing until the siren went and we were off!

Linda and Keita, the cool cats, sped off at top speed whilst me and nodge happily jogged along pointing and laughing at all the great costumes.

Lots of little boys tugged on their dad’s arms saying ‘look – he’s got a knife through his head’. The dad’s played along shrieking ‘he needs an ambulance’ but nodge reassured them pulling the knife off his head whilst telling them ‘it’s ok  – it’s not real look’!

We passed through the pumpkin zone and the pirate zone before hitting the halfway point and turning back.

Disappointingly, the finish line wasn’t actually the finish line. We sprinted through the finish arch giving it out all, only to be told the finish was another 200m away.
At the finish we were given two options – go right for trick or left for treat. Keita chose trick and had to plunge her arm into slime to retrieve a gold coin to get her medal. Where as nodge chose treat and received a bag of sweets.

It was a great day which we finished with a fresh burger and sausage roll offered with a great selection of ketchups and relishes. Catering was excellent but I’ll update when I get more details.

Finally, a visit to Richmond park wouldn’t be complete without a stroll through the park to see the deer!

Hints and tips about the event

The event was run by human race in support of Breast Cancer Care. They offer early bird discounts so it’s worth booking up early.

The start was at Robin Hood Gate but the nearest car park was at Broomfield.

You need to buy a voucher to park but there is a sports ground opposite Robin Hood Gate which provided parking.

The fancy dress made the day – the pumpkin zone and pirate zone were a bit disappointing but well done to the people trying to spook us.

If you go for trick, your little Ines won’t get a goody bag of seeets. Hopefully next year the organisers can sort this so all kids get something?

Bring 20p for the park toilets.

Catering on site was fab but bring something to sit on after the race.

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