My little trooper!

‘Twas the night before muddness, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse’. Our matching kits were laid out and we were sleeping soundly in preparation for our ‘Over the Top’ extreme mud run at Back 2 the Trenches.

‘Why do you want to do the mud run?’ I asked Nodge as we ate our bananas for breakfast.

‘Because I want a medal and to be like you!’ said Nodge and my heart swells with pride! Could I get any higher commendation?

We stood in the trenches, a little nervous waiting for the whislt to blow before combat crawling under the wire! We were last right from the start but whilst Nodge might be the smallest and the youngest he was a giant in my eyes – so big and so brave!

What was great about the junior course is that everyone got to tackle the same obstacles as the main course the only difference was that the course was shorter – 2.5k I think although it certainly didn’t feel any shorter.

As a little boy he normally loves the mud, but this mud was thick, gritty and everywhere so he couldn’t even wipe his eyes. With an exasperated sigh, he shook his head exclaiming ‘this mud isn’t fun’. But it didn’t stop him.

We ploughed through the mud pits, helping each other up and over and then ran up through the forest.

Ahead we saw smoke and were a bit dubious about jumping over the fire pits. Luckily, we didn’t have to … Instead we had to crawl under a cross cross of electric wires. The marshall’s kept calling out lie flat little man. Of course, he wriggled flat on his stomach through in record time. It was worried mum that got a zap on her bum as she tried to keep up.

We climbed over piles of tyres to see the huge 100ft tarpaulin slide with muddy water at the bottom! I asked if he wanted to slide down with me – but he shook his head! Brave little boy! He decided it would be better if I went first and caught him at the bottom!

I sped down with my arms in the air woohoo’ing at the same time. I catapulted off the end and was well and truly dunked! As I surfaced I saw Vance, just shaking his head as if to say ‘and how old are you’?

As I turned, there was Nodge starting the descent … He was getting faster and faster, laughing all the while until he whooshed off the end and into the water! ‘Mad mum and happy son’ is how the organisers described us and they weren’t wrong.

A few more tunnels to crawl through and we arrived at the lake. ‘Is this a swamp?’ asked Nodge.

‘Yuhuh!’ I said as the marshals put his life jacket on.

Oh my life … As I slid down the bank into the water the coldness took my breath away. I told Nodge to climb onto my back and get ready for the cold, but to be brave as we would wade in slowly. The next step I took saw me plunge under as the silty floor dissapeared and I had no option but to swim. Nodge got a shock and cried out.

He tried to climb higher up my back onto my neck which effectively pushed me under. ‘Ou’ I spluttered ‘stop trying to drown me’. We both laughed and I swam on.

As we approached the far bank I could see a cloud of people all waiting and cheering. Nodge was the littlest boy in the mud run and yet here he was swimming (albeit on my back) across a cold muddy lake! Everyone fell in love with him in that instant I’m sure! How brave and no tears!

As I scrambled out and Nodge got off my back he suddenly screamed and lept back on my back. I don’t want to stand on the weird black he said. I had forgotten that I’d taken his trainers off earlier as they were rubbing so he only had bare sock feet.

The lovely Vance, lept to the rescue! ‘Come on little man’ he said lifting him off my back and placing him gently on the grass.

‘Awwwww’ everyone giggled in adoration although Nodge told me after he thought they were laughing at him for not swimming! If only he knew how he had won everyone’s hearts that moment.

We both crawled under the cargo net and then ran to the finish leaping over a few bales in the process where Nodge was awarded an amazing medal to the applause of our waiting friends and fans!

Nodge was cold and shattered but beaming with delight. Our vbf, Tim ran over and gave him a high five them swooped him up in his arms in the most massive hug. Nodge was so proud, after all Tim was his mud run hero from last time.

We had done it. Nodge and me! My brave little boy! What a team! And this is only the start ….

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