The Night Before

Today we spent the day writing frantic Facebook posts and sending random whatsapp texts asking everyone what they were taking and what they had packed. As the day drew in the first ‘we’re here’ posts started to pop up alongside the growing feeling of hysteria  and butterflies! 

Vagner had packed the support car including full tool kit and fridge … For the champagne he said!!!! Woohoo … This is going to be some trip! 

At ten to five I jumped into my taxi laden with first aid kit, hi vis jackets and of course my own packing. Little did I know that I would lose the will to live as the 30min taxi ride took 3hrs! Bless the taxi driver from Expressways – he still only charged me the quoted £21.00! As a result I left him an extra large tip! Geoff who was getting a taxi from Paddigton to Blackheath got stuck in the same traffic and had lost his mind at the end of the 3hr journey! 

As we met at the hotel, the guys started of the introductory greeting with ‘my bag is huge’ how big is yours! Hrmmmm Nothing changes hey! 

Finally united, all 11 of us trooped off down to the local Italian for pasta and my lovely new friend Geoff, shared a bottle of wine with me to try and get over the trauma of the taxi ride! 

It was great finally meeting everyone and putting faces to the names. And I am sorry that I didn’t recognise some (err most) of you but that is meant as a compliment as you are all so much nicer irl! Lovely to meet you Geoff, Neil, Roger, Karl, Jen, Paul, Andy, Matt, Chris, Richard, Rory and our Macmillan Organisers Jessie and Emma.

Really looking forward to the next few days! This is going to be incredible fun and all for such a worthwhile cause! 
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A big fat beaming ‘Thank you’!

A big fat beaming thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We are blown away by the extreme kindness, support and generosity!

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