The Big Push

Now I can say this to my besties, Tim and Vagner, with the full knowledge and confidence in knowing I’m right ….

Liar liar pants on fire!

I’m not getting thinner … And now that you have seen me in my underwear you’ll have to agree.

And don’t be fooled girls … All that mud doesn’t do anything for your skin except leave you looking like a blotchy pink plucked chicken! Eeeewwww …. Not attractive!

At the end of 3 1/2 hours of battling through cow pat puddles, muddy bogs, and stagnant ponds, no one really cares … So the cold showers at the end come as a welcome relief as every strips down to their shreddies to wash the mud from places that mud should just never be!

Of course, it’s not the normal or indeed ideal way to be introduced to a fellow restaurateur but heyho! When you meet me suited and booted at a corporate event and nudge your mate giggling … Don’t forget … The cold is always less flattering for blokes than women! 😉

It was a great day! I’d highly recommend it and will certainly be back for more! Back 2 The Trenches

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A big fat beaming ‘Thank you’!

A big fat beaming thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We are blown away by the extreme kindness, support and generosity!

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