Girls Vs Boys

Lu’vley, lu’vley Helen! What will she be wearing today? 9 times out of 10 when I go round to Helen’s she’s never quite ready and still wearing just her slip … Of course if I’m really lucky she’ll have her scooby doo onesie on which is always good for a giggle.


Thankfully today she was dressed and ready … so we set off to explore Windsor Great Park. The Great Park is fantastic for bikes – plenty of roads but with limited traffic so perfect for building confidence with gears. Speaking of which, after I have consulted our team cycling guru Vagner, I will be posting a whole section on gears! I need an answer on the correct use and no one can seem to tell me! 

And speaking of Vagner and the boys … You will notice they are not present? Logistics meant that we weren’t all able to meet for our training session today … So we agreed to train seperatly. 

The waterfall is just next to Virginia Water which we cycled around (although due to photo censoring by Helen I’m afraid I can’t post! Next time.)

Helen and I managed a respectable 34k although my legs did ache a little. The downhills were fast and the uphills were slow! I laughed, Helen cursed and Siri told her ‘I don’t think that’s appropriate’! Go on – try swearing at Siri! I bet you get told off too! 

The lads text just after lunch attaching a picture of their ‘training’ session! We might have guessed! 

 Of course, little did they know that Helen and I had stopped at the Fox and Hounds, Englefield for a little antipasti and glass of wine. We can highly recommend the pub with its fantastic lunch menu and friendly staff. And what’s more – if you don’t feel like driving or cycling … You can always take your horse … They have hay racks and tethers next to the picnic tables.

So … Today … As far as girls vs boys goes – it’s a definite win to the girls as the boys didn’t even make it out the door! 

Happy training everyone.

PS! Apologies to the nice man in the fluorescent yellow jacket – the lunatic that hurtled past you on a bike screaming ‘sorry – I didn’t see you there’ wasn’t me! 

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