Lee Valley Velopark

Velo what? I said when Vagner suggested the location of our next meeting? ‘Just bring yourselves’ Vagner said nonchalantly as everyone else went into a panic fretting about bikes, helmets and what to wear.

Our drive around the M25 was eventful to say the least. Sat Nav had no idea where the velo park was (only having been built 4 years ago!) so Helen – being a technical genius managed to link google maps on my phone to the car sat nav. Sadly, her brilliance was short lived – as she took a call and cut everything off just as we were looking for the critical turn to avoid heading into central London!

The Velopark cost £15 each and they provided bikes, helmets and gloves or a fiver if you brought your own bike and stuff!


The track was a 1 mile circuit which consisted various uphills, downhills, sharp bends and fast straights so plenty of practice on the gears. We managed a total of 8 laps but against strong wind I hasten to add!

My coach for the day was Vagner …. who cycled with me and taught me how to use my gears correctly.  

And Vagners coach for the day was Helen … Whose coaching technique involved smacking his arse! Helen suggested any complaints of sexual harassment be addressed to KMBFA!

It was about lap 4 when Helen was spotted with legs in the air and bike cast aside by the track. Both Tim and Vagner speed to her rescue thinking she has fallen off and injured herself. But in typical Helen style, she had merely decided to choose a soft spot of grass upon which to stretch!

All in all, it was a great day and I’m pleased to report that training is going well – although we have a long way to go.

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