Our First Team Training

Today was our first team training day with the addition of our volunteer photographer (see oops! for details about how that worked out!).

Tim is new to all this so he was on Vagners road bike which had been tweaked for our off road outing. Vagner and Michael both looked amazing with totally incredible bikes. Helen and I looked  … well …. glam and gorgeous! (there has to be some benefits to being the nominated blog writer!).

With all the teasing and ego measuring I decided to start the guys off with a quick dash over a recently ploughed and planted field followed by a fast paced ride along the sticky, muddy and highly slippy Thames Tow Path.

It wasn’t till we lost half the team that we found out that Vagner hadn’t fully adjusted his racing bike for Tim! Yes it had more chunky wheels but Vagner hadn’t changed the pedals leaving Tim to balance like a puppet on his tip toes!

We quickly swapped bikes though and headed off again to Dorney Court Kitchen Garden for coffee and cake! (without cake we would no doubt be fabulous and fit … But sadly that will never happen – I’m not giving up cake!).
Our route took us from Dorney, up the Jubilee River to Maidenhead. We had to negotiate various crater like puddles and after going to the bother of finally putting a mud guard on my bike wasn’t it just my luck to now be on Vagners bike … Without mudguard! I looked cool despite the mud (or so I kept telling myself).

We stopped on Monkey Island Bridge at Bray for some posing team photos before heading to Dorney Lake for a quick sprint home! Think I’ll keep Vagners bike.


24.5k – 1hr 30mins

Figure 8 Maidenhead Loop

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